Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Preschool - 5.17 OuR LaSt DaY!!

The end of the year has arrived. We spent a special day together at the park, enjoying the many friendships we have made. It is hard to believe this school year has come to an end. It has been a pleasure working with your children over the past year. The growth we have seen in each of them has been remarkable! Thank you for sharing your child with us. We are very grateful for each of them and our best wishes to them in the upcoming year!

The below poem was seen online, author unknown, and sums up the year for us! God’s blessings to each of you!

It’s time to say “Good-bye.”
Our year has come to an end.
We’ve made some cherished memories
With all our preschool friends.
We’ve watched each other learn and grow
And change from day to day.
We hope that all the things we’ve done
Will help us along the way.
So it’s with happy memories
We all go out the door.
With great hope and expectations
For what the next year holds in store.

The below pictures are from the park adventure with Ms. Dolly. We took a short trip to meet Ms. Angie’s newest family member, Boomer! Such a cutie! The AM class also delivered the “Thank You” card to Pastor Coe.
Enjoy the pictures and HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!!!!